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Friday, June 20, 2014

religious observance friday

Featuring a church that needs part of a steeple.

While walking through Chinatown this morning I got a better sense of the eventual outcome of that neighborhood. Gentrification may have reached a stopping point for the next decade, and not because the buildings left over are worth saving, but because a sort of balance has been achieved between the new and the old. Eventually, the old stuff will get replaced but at a more leisurely pace. And what becomes of neighborhood? Does it really ever disappear?

In other news, I'm not very impressed with any grocery stores in the Boston area. No merchant seems to have grasped the deluge concept of retail. This involves stocking lots of wonderful foodstuffs that attract a lot of people that keep the wide variety of food fresh. Zabar's does this, but they have a population that can support their establishment easily. The problem in Boston is that there doesn't seem to be a consolidated leader of really good foods. People with means eat out a lot, or are willing to drive to different locations for peculiar items.

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