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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


The intrepid and dedicated staff of towers of ilium has been summoned back from the long vacation.
Certain events in the past year have made us realize the dire need for another source of hard-hitting, gumshoe wielding, objective, fact-driven, brand driven, content advocated, user responsive, truth wielding, and award-winning media content. Advertisers take heed: We are responsible to no one--corporate, spiritual, or otherwise. (Except Cth'ullu and the great green gods of Yag the Accursed--but we'll cover that topic in our weekly religious broadcast)

In the weeks and months ahead we want to assure readers that we will be there for you, on the front lines or wherever.

Topics of note:

-The results of the election did come as a surprise to some staff members. Like others in the mainstream media we are doing some post-event explanation. We have little new to add to the discussion. Trump's victory does vindicate some people and some positions and we expect things to get a bit messier after the inauguration.

-Towers of ilium reaffirms the claim that the completion of the new Apple and Google headquarters complexes in California will coincide with the next depression. More on this topic later (maybe).

-The relative prosperity of the Boston region is showing signs of a downshift. We don't know what the cause is, but the boomlet in multi-family residential seems to be coinciding with some fatigue in single family construction. The multi-family situation is one tied up with permits, land costs and rising borrowing costs. We don't expect a hard crash, but possible a correction over the next few years.

The picture above is not related to any content--either implied or explicit.

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