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Saturday, December 31, 2016

gone such a short time

Humans seem to process time in short intervals--life or death decisions are made in split seconds, we say stupid things without considering the consequences, we get impatient when things are late by a few minutes. Some blame the internet, but we created the products of linked computers to conform to our way of perceiving the world.

Architecture is offered as a flawed antidote to the super fast. The "build for all time" motto is carved on the ruins of the Egyptian empire. The value of the built environment can reasonably be measured in decades, occasionally centuries, and in rare circumstances, milenia. In light of this, making fast decisions in design should be treated with caution. A design decision that is not reviewed at least three times often turns out wrong. But, we cannot escape our nature, and decisions that are made instantly and arbitrarily often define the course of work. If these quick moves weren't made then nothing would ever get built.

This building no longer exists. It's removal was the result of much deliberation.

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