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Monday, December 19, 2016

the way it is

Urban planning in the United States does not exist. In its place we have the consequential effects of the need to provide space for roads, cars, and buildings. For an object as simple as a single family home the formula is simple: 5000 s.f. for the building lot, of which  2000 s.f. is house footprint, 600 s.f. is driveway, and the balance is front, rear, and side yards.

For commercial buildings, the formula varies more, but a reasonable starting point is to assume that for every square foot of building at least an equal amount will be required for site---and that's at the low end. For strip development, a 1:3 ratio is a safer starting point.

These observations are the work of towers of ilium, and do not constitute an official or reliable analysis.

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