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Friday, December 30, 2016

Predictions for 2017

The only way to make mistakes is by doing things, so here goes:

-The world economy will muddle along for most of the year. As potential impacts from Trump start to percolate through markets there will be signs of disruption towards the end of the year. China may have some minor crises, but will be managed. Russia will be stagnant. Europe will improve. Developing countries will improve slightly. Major drama will be reserved for 2018 (to be discussed in the towers of ilium Trump Predictions special edition)

-U.S. economy will start strong and then weaken as the year progresses.

-Oil prices will be volatile and end the year above $65 a barrel.

-Renewable energy will continue to grow globally, but will suffer setbacks in the U.S.

-U.S. housing starts will surge, but will be tempered by rising interest rates

-Fed will hike rates 3 times in 2017

-ISIL will lose Mosul, and Raqqa will be besieged but not fall.

-Middle East turmoil will be variable. Saudi Arabia will pull back some on its military adventures in Yemen and will seek more diplomacy with Iran. Bibi will continue to isolate Israel. Sisi will get weaker in Egypt.

-Boston real estate will continue to cool. Prices will not soften.

-Architecture will continue to improve sustainable design practices. There will be more conservative buildings coming online and on the boards.

-Nothing dramatic will happen at the MBTA.

2017 will be less exciting than 2016 (long drumroll on that one please.....)

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