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Sunday, December 18, 2016

failures of imagination

"Make no little plans" might be one of those statements that old-school designers frequently seize on when they're trying to work the crowd when proposing a large scale project. America in the 21st century, which may or may not achieve some historical level of "greatness," has to find a new organizing slogan. Towers of Ilium is prepared to suggest a few;

"Make no large plans, for they will only attract the ire of lawyers, special interest groups, and idiots."
This can be the rallying cry for any major changes to urban areas.

"Make no practical plans." This applies mainly to architects. The 2030 challenge is an example of this
hubristic thinking. Net zero buildings are achievable in limited circumstances, but only a handful of clients are enlightened or funded enough to consider as a primary goal.

"Make no plans." Most people live by this principle and are better off for it. We believe that we can plan for life, but are often swept away by tidal forces that defy all human control or understanding.

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