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Monday, December 26, 2016

many happy returns

The last time towers of ilium commented on Celebration, Florida, it was dismissive. A recent article in The Economist magazine on the community was thoughtful and frequently critical. This blog continues to remain dismissive. The town--if it can be called that--is simply another  upscale suburb located between a swamp and a highway. Some of its planning features still feel dumb, in particular the way garages empty onto back roads between house lots.

Giving credit to Celebration for serving as a building block of the New Urbanist movement is a bit of a stretch. New Urbanism is a sham; a marketing slogan that developers can paste onto projects in the hope of gaining sympathy votes for some common sense design features. Celebration is derivative and unoriginal when compared to the slightly more revolutionary status of Seaside. As an intellectual experiment it barely qualifies as a footnote to Venturi & Scott-Brown.

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